Aged Domains: Definition, Importance, and Differences from Expired Domains

An aged domain is a domain that has been activated as the address of a website for a long time. See why aged domains are important here.

Aged Domains: Definition and Differences from Expired Domains

As you already know, a domain is required when creating a website. But did you know that several types of domains can be used, including new domains, expired domains, and aged domains? 

This article will help you know more about aged domains. If you are an SEO enthusiast, you must have heard the myth that aged domains are better for website optimization efforts so that they appear on the first page of Google search results. 

Is that true? What about using expired domains? What is the difference between these two types of domains, and which is better? This article will provide you with answers to that. 

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What is an Aged Domain?

An aged domain is a domain that has been activated as the address of a website for a long time. The number of websites that can be activated using the domain is also unlimited.

To find out how old the domain you want to buy is, you can use a service called domain WHOIS. This service can be used for free through various platforms on the internet, including,, and other platforms. 

From there you will know the exact date the domain was activated, down to the hours, minutes, and seconds.

Why Use Aged Domains?

Aged domains are in high demand because they are said to be powerful enough to support SEO efforts, allowing websites to rank at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Is that true? The following are the reasons why aged domains are in high demand, both from an SEO and business standpoint:

1. Domain Age is Mature

The maturity of the domain age is closely related to the history of the website that was previously registered with the domain. Because the history will not be deleted even though the aged domain has changed ownership. 

If the previous website has a positive history set, it will speed up the indexing process. For that, it is highly recommended for those interested in using an aged domain to check the website's background beforehand. 

2. Domain Authority has Been Established

Many SEO activists believe that domain authority scores influence website performance in the SERPs. Domain authority is a score that describes the level of trust search engines and internet users have for your website. 

Because the history of the website since the aged domain was first activated is not deleted, it can be said that your domain authority has been established. 

So, when a website previously had a positive history, search engines and internet users will automatically consider your website credible enough. 

As a result, the search indexing process becomes faster, and the CTR (Click Through Rate) increases. 

3. Already Have a Backlink Profile

Besides having high Domain Authority, aged domains also have backlink profiles. As you already know, a backlink is an external link that points to your website. 

The more high-quality and relevant backlinks pointing to your website, the more positive signals search engines will receive.

This positive signal will then provide a greater opportunity for the website to rank high in the SERPs. 

4. Safe from Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is a filter used to prevent deviant SEO efforts from a new website. 

Suppose you have been exposed to the Google Sandbox filter. In that case, your website will be subject to penalties such as decreased ranking, decreased traffic, decreased internet visitors, and the removal of URLs from search engine indexes.  

A website with an aged domain is considered to have passed the critical period, so Google assessment will be more lenient. 

5. Can be a Business Asset

For business people, exposure to the target market is very important because it is closely related to the formation of brand awareness. For that, you need to have a website that appears on the first page of the SERPs. 

This is where the aged domain can be said to be a very important asset for business people. 

As discussed in the previous section, the domain authority and aged domain backlink profiles have been formed. These two points will speed up the competition for your business website with competitors so that it can reach a larger number of audiences. 

6. Can be an Investment Asset

An aged domain with a beautiful, unique, or trending name can be an excellent investment tool. You can earn many times over if you sell it at the right time. 

Differences Between Aged Domains and Expired Domains

There is a significant difference between aged domains and expired domains. You can find the details in the explanation below:

1. Domain Age Calculation

The main difference between expired domains and aged domains is the calculation of their age. 

In the previous section, it was mentioned that the aged domain history will not be deleted and can be the foundation of a new website to compete faster.

Meanwhile, expired domains with deleted status have been automatically reset by ICANN. So, the domain no longer has any history in terms of domain authority and backlink profile. 

Therefore, websites with expired domains that have been deleted will take longer to compete in the SERPs. 

2. High Price

In terms of price, there is a significant difference between expired domains and aged domains.

Expired domains that have deleted status will be priced like new domains because they have been reset by ICANN. 

Meanwhile, aged domains with unique names and good history can be pegged at very high prices. 

How to Find an Aged Domain

To get an aged domain, you can visit some of the websites listed below:

Apart from these three websites, there are many more sites that you can visit to get an aged domain.

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