What is a Call to Action and its Benefits

A Call to Action or CTA is an encouragement or invitation for others to take action. See the examples and benefits of using Call to Action here.

What is a Call to Action and its Benefits

When it comes to marketing strategy, you've probably heard the term CTA on the internet. CTA is an important component of digital marketing that has a large impact. 

In fact, many website owners have used this component in strategies to increase profits. But what exactly is a Call to Action?

Because CTA is an important factor, you must learn everything there is to know about it. To understand better, see the information we provide below. 

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What is a Call to Action in Marketing?

A Call to Action or CTA is an encouragement or invitation for others to take action. 

This explanation can refer to words or sentences in a promotional ad or a website landing page. The purpose of using this component is to move the audience to take action as expected. 

A Call to Action is generally a short sentence or phrase that implicitly or explicitly contains an order to do something. 

Function of CTA

After understanding what Call to Action means, you must understand the function of using these components. Judging from the definition, of course, the function of CTA is to invite the audience to quickly take action. 

Examples of commonly expected actions include downloading, purchasing, filling out forms, subscribing, visiting a website, and more. 

example call to action
CTA example

Call to Action generally contains persuasive words or written invitations (usually red or bright colors in bold). 

It can also be a button that stands out to attract the audience. A CTA button is a button that will direct the audience to a specific action. Examples include the download button, buy now, "yes, I want", read more, and others. 

Making a Good and Effective CTA

To create an effective Call to Action, you can combine these three compositions together:

  • Text
  • Visual Design (Color, Font, and Size)
  • Effective text placement

Citing several sources, these three compositions will attract the audience to take action according to the expected goals.

Call to Action Examples

For those curious about the examples of Call to Action, you can see the variations below for use on websites and social media. 

  1. Examples of Call to Action for online stores: "Wholesale", "Buy", "Shopping", "Spend", etc.
  2. Examples of Call to Action for promotion tools, digital products, or software: "Subscribe" and "Download". 
  3. Examples of Call to Action for information promotion: "Read more" and "Learn more". 
  4. Examples of Call to Action for Instagram and other social media: "Like", "Share", "Comment", "Follow". 

In addition, CTA is frequently combined with copywriting content to create a persuasive impression. You can also make a more optimal approach to the audience to achieve your goals. 

Benefits of Using Call to Action

Based on our explanation above about what Call to Action means, it is natural for humans to easily respond to an urge or an invitation, especially if they really need it. 

If there is no invitation, business people will surely fail in the marketing and promotion section. It may even cause the business you have worked so hard to establish to fail. 

According to HubSpot, Call to Action has proven to increase profits by up to 121 percent. Yes, CTA plays an important role in achieving an expected goal.

Without this component, sales are just 'selling', without any significant influence to increase profits. 

In addition, with the use of CTA, you can get more exposure from the audience. Imagine if you forgot the component on this one. There will be a lot of people who don't know your brand. But there are also benefits that you can immediately get from using this Call to Action. 

  • Can direct the audience about an action that is important for them to take
  • Get more exposure from the actions the audience has taken
  • Optimizing business targets (sales, downloads, or subscribers)
  • Can maximize promotional content.


After understanding what Call to Action is and its benefits, you will definitely want to use it as soon as possible. Don't forget to create good marketing promotional content so the audience will be interested in your products. 

Harby Jay

Harbyj is a freelance tech reporter and the owner of this blog.


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