How To Use Opay USSD Code To Send Money, Purchase Airtime and Data

In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of using the Opay USSD Code to perform various transactions. Whether you need to send money to a friend or family member, top up your airtime balance, or stay connected with data bundles, Opay USSD Code has got you covered.

You no longer need to visit physical stores or rely on complicated banking procedures. With Opay USSD Code, you can enjoy the convenience of managing your finances anytime, anywhere. Whether you are a tech-savvy individual or new to mobile transactions, this guide will walk you through the entire process, making it easy for anyone to use.

How To Register for Opay USSD Services

To register for OPay USSD services, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Download the OPay app: Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for the OPay app. Download and install the app on your mobile device.

  • Create an account: Open the OPay app and sign up for an account. Provide the required information, such as your name, phone number, and email address. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the registration process.

  • Set your PIN: Once you have created an account, you will be prompted to set a 4-digit PIN. This PIN will secure your transactions and authorize any actions you perform on the OPay USSD platform.

  • Dial the USSD code: To register for OPay USSD services, dial *955# on your mobile phone. This will bring up the OPay USSD menu.

  • Select "Register": From the USSD menu, choose the "Register" option. This will initiate the registration process for OPay USSD services.

  • Enter your details: Follow the prompts to enter your phone number and the PIN you set during the app registration process. Make sure to enter the information accurately.

  • Complete the registration: Once you have entered the required details, confirm your registration. You may receive a confirmation message or notification indicating that your registration for OPay USSD services is booming.

After completing the registration process, you will have access to a range of services through the OPay USSD platform. You can use it to send and receive money, check your account balance, buy airtime, pay bills, and perform other financial transactions conveniently from your mobile device.

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How To Send  Money with Opay USSD Code

To send money using the OPay USSD code, follow these steps:

  • Dial the OPay USSD code: On your mobile phone, dial *955# and press the call button. This will bring up the OPay USSD menu.

  • Select "Send Money": From the USSD menu, choose the option for "Send Money" or a similar option related to money transfers.

  • Enter recipient's details: Enter the recipient's phone number or select from your contacts if available. Ensure that you enter the correct phone number to avoid sending money to the wrong person.

  • Enter the amount: Specify the amount of money you want to send. Make sure to double-check the amount to avoid any errors.

  • Confirm the transaction: Review the details of the transaction, including the recipient's phone number and the amount to be sent. If everything is accurate, proceed to confirm the transaction.

  • Enter your PIN: To authorize the transaction, you will be prompted to enter your PIN. This PIN is the one you set during the registration process.

  • Complete the transaction: Once you have entered the correct PIN, the transaction will be processed, and you will receive a confirmation message with the details of the transaction.

It's important to note that transaction fees may apply when sending money using the OPay USSD code, and these fees may vary. Make sure to have sufficient funds in your OPay account to cover the transaction amount and any associated fees.

How To Purchase Airtime with Opay USSD Code

  • Dial 955# on your mobile phone.

  • Select "Buy Airtime."

  • Enter the recipient's mobile phone number.

  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to purchase.

  • Enter your PIN.

  • Confirm the transaction.

For example:

  • Dial 955# on your mobile phone.

  • Select "Buy Airtime."

  • Enter the recipient's mobile phone number: 08031234567

  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to purchase: 1000

  • Enter your PIN: 1234

  • Confirm the transaction.

After confirming the transaction, you will receive a confirmation message with the details of the airtime purchase. Please ensure that you enter accurate information to ensure a successful transaction.

How To Buy Data with Opay USSD Code

To buy data with OPay USSD code, follow these steps:

  • Dial 955# on your mobile phone.

  • Select "Buy Data" from the menu options.

  • Choose the network provider you want to purchase data for (e.g., MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile).

  • Select the specific data bundle or plan you wish to purchase (e.g., daily, weekly, or monthly).

  • Enter the mobile phone number you want to recharge with data.

  • Enter the amount or volume of data you want to purchase (e.g., 500MB, 1GB, etc.).

  • Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.

  • Review the details of your purchase and confirm the transaction.

Other Features Of Opay USSD Service 

Apart from sending money, buying airtime, and purchasing data, OPay USSD service offers several other features that enhance convenience and accessibility for users. Some of these additional features include:

  • Balance Inquiry: Users can check their OPay account balance directly through the USSD service. By dialing the appropriate code, users can quickly access their account balance information.

  • Bill Payment: OPay USSD allows users to pay bills conveniently. Users can make payments for utilities such as electricity bills, cable TV subscriptions, and other essential services through the USSD menu.

  • Cashback Offers: OPay USSD service may provide cashback rewards or promotional offers to users. These offers can include discounts, bonus airtime, or other incentives for using the USSD service for transactions.

  • Mini Statement: Users can request a mini statement of their recent transactions through the OPay USSD service. This feature provides users with a summary of their transaction history, including details such as date, amount, and transaction type.

  • Fund Transfer: In addition to sending money, OPay USSD service may offer the option to transfer funds to other bank accounts or OPay users. This feature enables users to conveniently transfer funds to family, friends, or business associates.

  • Wallet Top-up: Users can top up their OPay wallet directly through the USSD service. This allows users to add funds to their wallet balance for seamless transactions within the OPay ecosystem.

  • Customer Support: OPay USSD service may provide customer support options, such as access to a helpline or the ability to initiate a support request directly through the USSD menu. This ensures that users can receive assistance or resolve any issues they may encounter.


How do I buy data on OPay with code? 

To buy data on OPay using the USSD code, dial *955# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts to navigate to the "Buy Data" option. Enter the required details, such as the network provider and the data bundle you wish to purchase, then confirm the transaction to complete the purchase.

How do I transfer to OPay using USSD code? 

To transfer money to an OPay account using the USSD code, dial *955# on your mobile phone and select the "Transfer" option. Enter the recipient's OPay phone number, followed by the amount you want to transfer, and confirm the transaction by entering your PIN.

How do I get my OTP code for OPay? 

To receive your OTP (One-Time Password) code for OPay, ensure that the phone number registered to your OPay account is active and able to receive text messages. When initiating a transaction that requires OTP verification, the code will be sent to your registered phone number via SMS.

How Do I Register for USSD Transfer? 

To register for USSD transfer, you need to have an account with a bank that supports USSD transfer services. Contact your bank to inquire about their USSD transfer registration process. Once registered, you can use the provided USSD code and follow the prompts to initiate transfers.

What is the USSD transfer code? 

The USSD transfer code is a short, numeric code provided by your bank that allows you to perform various banking transactions, including transfers, using a mobile phone. The specific code varies depending on your bank. Please contact your bank or visit their website for the correct USSD transfer code associated with your account.


In conclusion, using the Opay USSD code to send money, buy airtime, and purchase data offers a convenient and efficient way to perform essential financial transactions. With just a few simple steps, users can access the USSD service and complete transactions using their mobile phones, without the need for an internet connection or smartphone. 

The ease of use and accessibility make it a valuable tool for individuals who want to send money, top up airtime, or stay connected with data bundles. Additionally, the availability of other features such as balance inquiry, bill payment, mini statements, fund transfers, and customer support further enhances the overall convenience and utility of the Opay USSD service. By leveraging this technology, users can enjoy seamless financial transactions and stay connected with their mobile services.

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