How To Make Above 1 Million Naira Daily in Nigeria

In Nigeria, achieving your dreams of earning more than 1 million Naira daily is not just wishful thinking; it's a goal you can reach with the right knowledge and determination. This guide is all about showing you the straightforward steps and real-life stories that reveal how you can turn your ambitions into a reality, making over 1 million Naira every day. Join us on this journey to unlock the recipe for financial success in Nigeria.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a lucrative industry in Nigeria, offering tremendous opportunities to make above 1 million naira daily. With a growing population and increasing urbanization, there is a constant demand for residential and commercial properties. 

Investing in real estate, whether through buying land, building properties, or renovating existing structures, can yield high returns. Additionally, partnering with reputable developers and investors can help navigate the complexities of the market. With careful planning and strategic decision-making, real estate development can be a highly profitable venture that can help you achieve financial success in Nigeria.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry in Nigeria is a major contributor to the country's economy, with abundant reserves of crude oil and natural gas. This industry presents incredible opportunities for individuals to make above 1 million naira daily. 

From exploration and production to refining and distribution, there are various sectors within the oil and gas industry that offer lucrative ventures. Whether you choose to invest in oil drilling, establish a fuel distribution network, or provide support services to existing companies, the potential for high earnings is immense. 

The key is to stay informed, network with industry professionals, and make strategic investments to maximize your chances of success.

Import and Export

The import and export industry in Nigeria presents a tremendous opportunity to make above 1 million naira daily. With a vast and diverse market, there is a constant demand for various goods and products. By tapping into this industry and identifying profitable niches, individuals can establish successful import and export businesses. 

Whether it's sourcing popular consumer products or exporting locally-made goods to international markets, the potential for high earnings is significant. However, it's crucial to understand the legal requirements, customs regulations, and market dynamics to ensure a smooth and profitable operation. With the right strategies and market knowledge, import and export can be a lucrative avenue to achieve financial success in Nigeria.

Technology Startups

If you're looking for a modern and innovative way to make above 1 million naira daily in Nigeria, technology startups are the way to go. With advancements in technology and a growing digital economy, there are countless opportunities for entrepreneurs in this field. From developing cutting-edge mobile apps to creating software solutions, the potential for high earnings is immense. 

The key to success in the technology startup world is to identify a problem that needs solving and create a solution that resonates with the target market. With the right idea and execution, you could be on your way to making above 1 million naira daily in Nigeria through technology startups.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services offer a unique opportunity to make above 1 million naira daily in Nigeria. As a consultant, you can leverage your expertise and knowledge to provide valuable advice and guidance to businesses and individuals. 

Whether it's in finance, marketing, human resources, or any other industry, there is always a demand for expert consultants who can help solve problems and drive growth. By building a reputation as a trusted consultant and delivering exceptional results, you can attract high-paying clients and achieve financial success. So, if you have specialized knowledge in a particular field, consider starting a consultancy business and start making above 1 million naira daily.

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How to invest 1m naira in Nigeria?

  • Investing 1 million Naira in Nigeria can be done through various avenues, including:
    • Stock Market: Invest in shares of Nigerian companies through a stockbroker.
    • Fixed Deposit: Place your money in a fixed deposit account with a bank to earn interest.
    • Mutual Funds: Invest in mutual funds offered by asset management companies.
    • Real Estate: Consider real estate investments, such as purchasing land or property.
    • Agriculture: Invest in agricultural ventures, such as poultry farming or crop cultivation.

How to invest 1m naira?

  • To invest 1 million Naira, you can follow these steps:
    • Set Investment Goals: Determine your financial goals and how long you plan to invest.
    • Diversify: Spread your investment across different asset classes to reduce risk.
    • Research: Conduct thorough research on the investment options available.
    • Consult a Financial Advisor: Seek advice from a financial expert to make informed decisions.
    • Monitor and Adjust: Keep track of your investments and adjust your strategy as needed.

What business can I start with 1 million naira?

  • With 1 million Naira, you can start various businesses, including:
    • Restaurant or Fast Food: Open a small restaurant or fast food outlet.
    • Boutique: Start a fashion boutique selling clothing and accessories.
    • Mini Importation: Venture into small-scale importation of affordable, in-demand products.
    • Agriculture: Invest in farming, such as poultry or fish farming.
    • Digital Marketing Agency: Offer digital marketing services to businesses.

What business can I do with 20 million naira?

  • With 20 million Naira, you have the capital for more substantial business ventures, such as:
    • Supermarket or Grocery Store: Open a large supermarket or grocery store.
    • Real Estate: Invest in real estate development or rental properties.
    • Manufacturing: Start a manufacturing business, like food processing or furniture production.
    • Pharmacy or Health Clinic: Establish a pharmacy or small health clinic.
    • Restaurant Chain: Create a chain of restaurants or eateries.

Which business is most profitable in Nigeria?

  • Profitability in Nigeria can vary, but some consistently profitable sectors include:
    • Agriculture: Agriculture offers various opportunities, from crop farming to poultry and fish farming.
    • Real Estate: Real estate investments, development, and rentals often yield substantial returns.
    • Oil and Gas: The oil and gas industry can be highly profitable but requires substantial capital and expertise.
    • Information Technology: Tech-related ventures, such as software development and IT services, are also profitable.

It's important to conduct thorough research, create a solid business plan, and seek professional advice when starting a business or making investments to ensure success and minimize risks.


In this blog post, we've explored various ways to make above 1 million naira daily in Nigeria. From real estate development to the oil and gas industry, import and export, technology startups, and consultancy services, there are numerous avenues for achieving financial success. 

It's time to turn your financial situation around and start making above 1 million naira daily. The opportunities are waiting – go out there and seize them!

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