10 Tips for Creating Google Ads for Your Business

Google advertising services help your business to grow. Here are 10 tips you can use to create ads on Google.

10 Tips for Creating Google Ads for Your Business

The Covid-19 pandemic, which lasted more than two years, did not stop Google from making a lot of money. This technology company managed to generate revenue with a positive trend. 

According to Google's financial report for Q3 2021, their total revenue reached USD65.1 billion (equivalent to ₦27 trillion). A significant increase from Q3 2020, which was stuck at USD46.2 billion (equivalent to ₦19.2 trillion).

Where did Google get all of that money? The advertising industry appears to be a promising source. Profits are generated by various platforms, including Youtube, Google Search, and the Google Network. This guarantee also drives many businesses to seek Google advertising services to optimize branding and increase sales conversions.

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What advantages does Google Ads offer?

With revenues reaching USD53 billion, it is natural that business people, both beginners and professionals, rely on Google ads for their business. However, before discussing how to use it, you should know the benefits of using Google Ads. 

Google Ads is a product for promotion, including selling goods or services, increasing branding awareness, and driving traffic to your website or blog.

When using Google advertising services, you will be helped to determine and manage the budget needed for installation. So, it will also be easier for you to monitor ads online, including when you want to change campaigns and measure the impact of advertising.

This freedom is what distinguishes Google ads from similar products online. Not to mention Google's reputation as the most popular technology brand for over a decade, which ensures that each product is useful to users.

What are the steps to creating a Google ad?

Are you ready to create an ad with Google Ads? Here are ten tips you can follow to get your ads right on target!

1. Research customer demand

Before drafting a concept, a number of Google advertising services advise their clients to research customer demands. Why? Because without knowing the target market's needs, you risk making products that cannot meet their interests or be used as solutions to their problems.

Google also provides Google Trends to help you find and compare your products with competitors. As a result, product development is more effective and efficient.

2. Use the right keywords

Keywords are one of the factors that affect the effectiveness of your ad. The more relevant the keywords used, the more precisely your ad will be on the target market. Therefore, you also need to understand the purpose of advertising and research the right keywords for Google Ads.

In this case, you can take advantage of the keyword options recommended by Google Ads. In fact, you can determine keywords based on the highest search volume in Google's SERPs.

3. Improve your copywriting skills

Even if you later use Google advertising services, the copywriting skills you learn will influence the generated ad text. This is because, on average, potential customers or users who see advertisements are not interested in repetitive text or pleasantries.

Therefore, don't hesitate to improve your copywriting skills so that you can maximize the benefits and advantages of the products being sold.

4. Improve Quality Score for ads

Quality Score in Google Ads is the value given to the suitability of the information on the landing page in relation to the keywords used. To get a high Quality Score, you must ensure that the installed keywords are relevant from the start.

If your Quality Score is low, it will be difficult for your ad to compete with competitors. However, Google's advertising services will help you fix it so your ads can get a good score.

5. Optimize your landing page

Landing page optimization helps your ad reach the expected target. Don't give users who visit your website's landing page unnecessary information.

When optimizing your landing page, there are several things to consider. These include an appealing design, simple navigation, the incorporation of media content, and an effective call-to-action (CTA).

6. Adjust bids on geo-targeting

Geo-targeting will have a big impact on the optimization of your ads on Google. With the right and professional Google advertising services, you can ensure the products being promoted align with the target market's needs.

For example, air conditioners get more attention from audiences in hot areas than in the mountains. Likewise, jackets are more attractive to potential consumers in rainy areas.

7. Make sure the ad is mobile friendly

Did you know that over 50% of website visitors access the page from a smartphone? In other words, you have to make sure the ads that will be installed are mobile-friendly so that the audience who access them can easily read the content delivered. 

Google ads that haven't been optimized for mobile will appear larger until they're truncated. As a result, the target market will leave before they have a chance to see the product.

8. Conduct A/B testing

Before serving ads, Google's advertising services usually advise clients to conduct A/B testing. This type of test ensures that your ad will reach its intended audience. So if something needs to be fixed, you can fix it before serving ads.

9. Boost sales conversion through retargeting

Retargeting will provide offers to audiences who have visited your website. This step is believed to increase the chances of sales conversion by up to 60%. The method is easy, simply displaying ads on websites, social media, and other digital platforms.

Google's advertising services also sometimes take advantage of products such as the Google Display Network because the results of advertisements can reach 90% of internet users.

10. Get to know the business competition you are facing

Finally, don't forget to recognize the ongoing business competition. This step will help you design a strategy and ads that will be installed. In fact, you can take advantage of gaps in competitors' products that have not been optimized.

If done correctly, you can reduce expenses and reach more target consumers than competitors.

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