Opay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address, and Opay Contact Address

Opay, a leading financial technology company in Nigeria, has gained significant popularity for its range of digital services and innovative solutions. As customers engage with Opay's diverse offerings, it's crucial to have access to reliable customer care channels for support and assistance.  

In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information on Opay's customer care options, including phone numbers, WhatsApp contact, email address, and physical contact address. 

Whether you have inquiries, or feedback, or need assistance with Opay's services, this guide will equip you with the necessary contact details to ensure a seamless customer experience. Let's delve into the various ways you can reach out to Opay's customer care team and get the support you need.

Opay Customer Care Phone Number, 

If you are an Opay customer in Nigeria and require immediate assistance or have inquiries about their services, contacting customer care via phone is a reliable option. 

The Opay Customer Care Phone Number is +234 (0) 700 000 678. By dialing this number, you can connect with a knowledgeable customer service representative who can address your concerns, provide guidance, and assist you with any issues you may be facing. 

Opay Customer Care Whatsapp Number 

Opay understands the convenience and popularity of messaging platforms, and they offer customer support through Whatsapp as well. To reach Opay's customer care team via Whatsapp, you can add the number +234 (0) 906 001 2345 to your contacts. 

Once you've saved the number, open Whatsapp and initiate a chat with Opay's customer care. This platform allows you to send messages, ask questions, and receive assistance directly from their knowledgeable support staff.

Opay Customer Care Email Address 

If you prefer to reach out to Opay's customer care team via email, you can send your inquiries, feedback, or concerns to their official email address: [email protected]. Compose a detailed email explaining the nature of your issue or inquiry, and include any relevant account information or transaction details to facilitate prompt and accurate responses from Opay's customer care representatives.

Email communication offers the advantage of providing a written record of your correspondence, allowing for clear and documented communication with Opay's support team. Whether you have questions about specific transactions, or account management, or need assistance with Opay's services, their customer care email address ensures that your concerns are addressed professionally and efficiently.

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Opay Customer Care Contact Address 

Opay Customer Care Contact Address:

While Opay primarily offers digital services, they do have a physical contact address where you can reach out to their customer care team in person if necessary. The official Opay Customer Care Contact Address is:

Opay Office, 

No. 10, Maye Street, 

Off Commercial Avenue, 

Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

If you have a complex issue or prefer face-to-face interaction, you can visit the Opay office at the aforementioned address. It's advisable to contact Opay's customer care through other channels like phone or email first, as they may provide guidance or schedule an appointment if an in-person visit is required.

Common Customer Care Issues

While Opay strives to provide excellent customer care, there are a few common issues that customers may encounter. Some of these include:

  • Payment-related concerns: Customers may experience difficulties with payment transactions, such as failed or delayed payments, incorrect deductions, or issues with refunds.
  • Account verification and access: Some customers may face challenges in verifying their accounts or accessing certain features within the Opay app or website.
  • Disputed transactions: There may be instances where customers need to dispute a transaction due to unauthorized charges, incorrect amounts, or issues with the product or service received.
  • Technical glitches: Customers might encounter technical issues with the Opay platform, such as app crashes, slow response times, or errors during the transaction process.
  • Customer support responsiveness: Occasionally, customers may face delays or difficulties in reaching Opay's customer support team, leading to frustration or concerns regarding the resolution of their issues.

It's important to note that Opay is committed to addressing these issues promptly and providing assistance to their customers. If you encounter any of these problems or have other concerns, it is recommended to reach out to Opay's customer care through the provided contact channels for timely support and resolution.


How do I contact OPay by email? 

To contact OPay by email, you can send your inquiries, concerns, or feedback to their official email address: [email protected]. Provide a detailed explanation of your issue, including relevant transaction details or account information, if applicable. OPay's customer support team will review your email and respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

How can I talk to OPay customer service? 

 You can talk to OPay's customer service by dialing their official phone number: 01-700-4357. Follow the instructions provided to connect with a customer service representative. You can discuss your concerns, ask questions, and seek assistance regarding OPay's services.

How can I chat with OPay? 

To chat with OPay, you can utilize their live chat option available on their website or mobile app. Simply visit their official website or open the OPay app, locate the chat icon or support feature, and initiate a conversation. This allows you to have a real-time conversation with a customer service representative, addressing your queries or issues promptly.

 How do I report a transaction on OPay? 

To report a transaction on OPay, you can contact their customer service through email, phone, or chat. Provide the necessary transaction details, such as the transaction ID, amount, and any relevant information regarding the issue. OPay's customer service team will assist you in resolving the transaction-related problem.

 How do I report a pending transaction? 

If you have a pending transaction on OPay, you can report it to their customer service. Contact OPay through email, phone, or chat, and provide them with the relevant details of the pending transaction, such as the transaction ID and any associated information. OPay's customer service team will investigate the issue and provide the necessary assistance to resolve the pending transaction.


In conclusion, Opay's commitment to customer care is evident through the range of contact channels they provide. By offering a phone number, Whatsapp number, email address, and physical contact address, Opay ensures that customers have various options to seek assistance, ask questions, and resolve any issues they may encounter. These multiple avenues of communication reflect Opay's dedication to delivering prompt and effective customer support.

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