Carbon Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Contact Number, Email and Office Address

In this blog post, we will provide you with all the essential contact information you need to connect with Carbon's customer support.

Whether you have inquiries, require assistance with transactions, or need to address any concerns, Carbon's dedicated customer care team is here to assist you promptly. We will share their customer care number, WhatsApp contact, and office address, ensuring you have multiple avenues to reach out for support.

With a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service, Carbon aims to ensure your experience with their financial solutions is smooth, efficient, and hassle-free. So, whether you are an existing customer or exploring the possibility of becoming one, keep reading to discover how you can easily connect with Carbon's friendly and knowledgeable customer care representatives.

Carbon Customer Care Phone Number

Carbon Customer Care number is +233240108580. 

By calling the provided number, you can directly connect with Carbon's customer care team and receive personalized support and guidance for your specific needs. Whether you have questions about account details, transactions, or any other concerns, the customer care representatives are available to address your inquiries promptly and efficiently.

Having access to a reliable customer care number allows you to interact with Carbon's team conveniently, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience with their financial solutions.

Carbon Customer Care Whatsapp Contact

Carbon Customer Care WhatsApp contact is the same as the customer care number: +233240108580. This WhatsApp contact is a valuable resource for individuals seeking assistance, making inquiries, or resolving financial matters related to Carbon's services through messaging.

By using the provided WhatsApp contact, you can directly connect with Carbon's customer care team and receive personalized support and assistance for your specific needs. Whether you have questions about transactions, account details, or any other concerns, the customer care representatives are ready to address your inquiries promptly and effectively.

Utilizing the WhatsApp contact (+233240108580) allows you to communicate with Carbon's team conveniently, providing a written record of your interactions and ensuring a thorough resolution to your concerns.

Carbon Customer Care Office Address 

The Carbon Customer Care office address is:

GetCarbon, CCMF+3PH, Adeyemo Alakija St, Victoria Island 100001, Lagos.\

By providing a physical office address, Carbon demonstrates its dedication to ensuring customers have various avenues to access their customer care services, catering to different preferences and needs.

Whether you choose to visit their office in person, connect via phone, WhatsApp, or other channels, Carbon's customer care team is dedicated to providing you with the support and assistance you need for a seamless and efficient experience with their financial services.


How much can Carbon borrow me for the first time? 

The loan amount that Carbon can offer you for the first time may vary depending on individual eligibility, creditworthiness, and other factors. Typically, first-time borrowers may be eligible for a lower loan amount to assess their repayment behavior and build a credit history with Carbon. As a responsible lender, Carbon evaluates each applicant's financial profile to determine the appropriate loan limit.

What happens if you don't pay Carbon loan? 

Failing to repay your Carbon loan within the agreed-upon time frame can lead to several consequences. Carbon may charge late fees or penalties, which could increase the total amount you owe. Moreover, non-repayment can negatively impact your credit score, making it challenging to access future loans or financial services. Additionally, Carbon may use debt recovery methods, including legal actions, to collect the outstanding loan amount.

Who owns Carbon loan app? 

Carbon loan app is owned by Carbon, a financial technology company that operates in several African countries, including Nigeria. Carbon (formerly known as Paylater) was founded by Chijioke and Ngozi Dozie and has grown to become one of the leading digital lending platforms in Africa.

How do I cancel my Carbon loan? 

To cancel a Carbon loan, you typically need to do so before accepting the loan disbursement. Once you have received the loan amount, the loan is considered active, and you are responsible for repaying it according to the agreed terms. However, if you have not accepted the loan disbursement or signed the loan agreement, you can contact Carbon's customer support for assistance in canceling the loan application.

How do I cancel my loan approval? 

If your loan has been approved by Carbon but you wish to cancel it before receiving the funds, you should reach out to Carbon's customer support immediately. Inform them about your decision to cancel the loan approval, and they will guide you through the necessary steps to cancel the loan before it is disbursed to your account.


In conclusion, Carbon's commitment to excellent customer service is evident through its provision of multiple contact options, ensuring that customers have convenient and reliable access to their customer care team. The availability of a customer care number (+233240108580) allows for direct phone communication, while the WhatsApp contact (+233240108580) offers a convenient messaging platform for inquiries and support.

Additionally, Carbon's physical office address at GetCarbon, CCMF+3PH, Adeyemo Alakija St, Victoria Island 100001, Lagos, serves as a point of contact for those who prefer face-to-face interactions or personalized assistance.


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