How To Deactivate, Close or Delete Renmoney Account

Are you considering closing your Renmoney account? If you are, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we will explain the process of how to deactivate, close, or delete your Renmoney account. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you close your account quickly and easily. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to confidently close your Renmoney account.

Why Would You Want to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Renmoney Account? 

There are several reasons why you might want to deactivate, close, or delete your account. Let's take a look at some common scenarios:

  1. No longer need financial services: Perhaps you've found another financial institution that better suits your needs, or you no longer require the services that Renmoney offers.
  2. Dissatisfaction with Renmoney: If you have experienced issues with Renmoney's customer service, fees, or terms and conditions that are not in line with your expectations, you may decide to close your account.
  3. Privacy concerns: Some individuals may prefer to limit their online presence or reduce the number of accounts they have. Closing your Renmoney account can help protect your personal information.
  4. Financial planning: Closing unused accounts can simplify your financial life and help you keep better track of your finances.
  5. Security reasons: If you suspect unauthorized activity or have concerns about the security of your Renmoney account, it's advisable to close it to protect your assets.

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Remember, whatever your reasons may be, closing your Renmoney account is a personal decision. Make sure to carefully evaluate your circumstances before proceeding.

How To Deactivate, Close or Delete Renmoney Account  

If you've made the decision to deactivate, close, or delete your Renmoney account, we're here to guide you through the process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to quickly and easily close your account:

  1. Contact customer support: Begin by reaching out to Renmoney's customer support team. They will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the account closure process. Make sure to have your account details and identification ready when contacting them.
  2. Settle outstanding obligations: Before closing your Renmoney account, ensure that all outstanding obligations, such as loan payments or fees, are settled. This will prevent any complications or issues during the closure process.
  3. Submit account closure request: Once you've resolved any outstanding obligations, submit a formal request to close your Renmoney account. You may be required to fill out a closure form or provide additional documentation.
  4. Verify closure confirmation: After submitting your closure request, it's important to follow up and verify that your account has been successfully closed. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your account is no longer active.

Remember, the exact steps and requirements may vary depending on your specific situation and Renmoney's policies. It's always a good idea to double-check with their customer support team to ensure a smooth account closure process.

What Happens After You Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Renmoney Account?  

Once you have successfully deactivated, closed, or deleted your Renmoney account, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. Account removal: Your account information and personal data will be permanently removed from Renmoney's systems. This includes any financial information, transaction history, and personal details associated with your account.
  2. Inability to access services: Closing your Renmoney account means that you will no longer have access to the financial services and products offered by the company. This includes any ongoing loans, credit facilities, or other financial transactions that were linked to your account.
  3. Loss of customer support: After closing your account, you will no longer be able to reach out to Renmoney's customer support team for assistance or inquiries. It is important to ensure that you have resolved any outstanding issues or concerns before closing your account.
  4. Reconsideration period: Depending on Renmoney's policies, there may be a waiting period or reconsideration period before you can reapply for an account with them. This is important to note if you think you may want to use their services again in the future.


Remember, once you have closed your Renmoney account, it is crucial to monitor your financial information and take any necessary steps to secure your personal and financial data.


How do I delete my Renmoney account?

Renmoney is a financial institution, and you typically don't "delete" your account in the same way you would with an app or online service. To close your account or discontinue using their services, you'll need to contact Renmoney's customer support. You can do this through their official customer service channels, which may include phone, email, or visiting their physical branch. They will guide you through the account closure process, which may involve settling any outstanding loans or obligations.

How do I email Renmoney customer care?

To contact Renmoney customer care via email, you can send your inquiry or request to their official customer support email address. This email address should be available on Renmoney's official website or in their communication materials. It's essential to use the official and verified email address to ensure your message reaches the right department.

How long does it take for Renmoney to approve a loan?

The approval time for a Renmoney loan can vary depending on several factors, including the type of loan, your creditworthiness, and the completeness of your application. Generally, Renmoney strives to provide quick loan approvals. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days for your loan to be approved. It's advisable to check Renmoney's official website or contact their customer support for specific information regarding their loan approval times.

What is the USSD code for Renmoney?

The USSD code for Renmoney is *712#.

Which loan app uses a USSD code?

Many loan apps and financial institutions in Nigeria use USSD codes to provide services. Popular ones include Opay, Palmcredit, and Carbon (formerly Paylater). USSD codes are often used for loan requests, repayments, and other financial transactions, providing convenient access to financial services on mobile devices. However, the availability and functionality of USSD codes may change over time, so it's essential to check with the specific financial institution for the most up-to-date information regarding their services and USSD codes.


In closing, closing your Renmoney account is a personal decision that should be carefully evaluated based on your individual circumstances. Whether you no longer need financial services, have privacy concerns, or simply want to simplify your financial life, there are various reasons why you may choose to deactivate, close, or delete your account.

Remember to monitor your financial information and take steps to secure your personal and financial data after closing your Renmoney account.

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